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Character Folio Features

  1. Store multiple characters per folio - have a folio for each of your projects.
  2. A tabbed folder of information for each character, providing easy access to all their data.
  3. Six main information sections: Vitals, Personality, Health, Beliefs, Biography, and Notes.
  4. Store information about multiple special abilities.
  5. Family and social relationships including loved ones, friends, enemies, and social groups.
  6. ‘Scrap Notes’, for any additional information and fields specific to your story or project.
  7. Eight reports detailing all the data captured about your character, including print and PDF options.
  8. Image Library, store multiple images against each character.


Character Folio is designed to get you thinking about your character. It isnít designed to hold every last drop of information about them, as that would be impossible, but hopefully it gives you a start on designing rounded and believable people to populate your stories. Character Folio also doesnít adhere to any particular character creation methodology; youíre free to store as much or as little information as you like.


Note that Character Folio is not an automated character creation tool - any details for characters are thought up by you, the author.