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AFK Creative has closed its doors after a decade of app development.



Since 2011, we produced applications that catered for the needs of writers, savers, readers, and anyone wanting to get their affairs in order.



Thank you to everyone who gave Subplot, Character Folio, Plotline, Continuity, Savings Jar, Shelf Life, Peace of Mind, and Word Count Dashboard a chance.



One of the greatest pleasures we had, was reading some of the support messages we received, from users who'd found a way to get started with a novel thanks to Subplot.


We'll continue to offer support for our apps until the end of 2021. Reach out at: support at afkcreative dot com.


Our lives have moved on in ten years. We hope you're all safe and well despite the pandemic, and wish every one of our customers a happy, productive, and enjoyable future. Best wishes.