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Peace of Mind Features

  1. Personal Details - including your identity, e.g. any other names youíve held, as well as pointers to your tax arrangements, and the location of your will.
  2. Property and Valuables - from dwellings to art, vehicles to intellectual property. Detail the items that your loved ones need to manage.
  3. Financial Accounts - the accounts that you hold and the institutions that hold them. Note that balances and account numbers should never be stored, for security reasons.
  4. Arrangements - that policy that you set up years ago and forgot about. That recurring payment that is tied to the car. Keep track of them in Peace of Mind, and never forget them again.
  5. Documents - from key personal documents such as your driving licence or passport, to the deeds to your house. Itís important to let people know where everything is kept.
  6. Notes - adhoc details about anything, Peace of Mind allows you to keep everything in one place.
  7. Reports - all your data brought together in an easy to view and print format.


Please note: Peace of Mind does NOT provide legal or financial advice. It is purely an organiser for your details. Please talk to your lawyer, accountant, or other qualified professional if this is the sort of advice you are seeking.