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Plotline 2 Features

  1. Create story structures for novels, short stories, screenplays, and stage plays.
  2. Lay your scenes out with the scene overview tool, a scrolling window into your story that shows the ebb and flow of your scenes according to how intense the scene should be.
  3. Easily move your scenes around within a section to get the best dramatic structure for your story.
  4. Generate a synopsis of your story for reference when you write.
  5. Export the synopsis to a normal text file, or as OPML for import into another outlining tool.
  6. A handy PDF user-guide helps you get the most out the program.
  7. Import OPML synopsis from the original iPad version of Plotline.


Please note: While Plotline 2 can import the OPML export generated by Plotline, the two programs use a completely separate type of datafile for storage, and are NOT designed to be used together. We recommend you select the version for your preferred platform and use that exclusively.



Please note: Plotline 2 is not a word-processor. It is a planning tool that allows you to build up a view of the layout of your story.