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Savings Jar Features

  1. Create a goal with a target amount that you want to save towards.
  2. Add savings and keep track of the total youíve saved.
  3. Earn bronze, silver and gold stars for your goal depending on how well you save.
  4. Add a picture of your goal to the vision board to help you visualise what youíre saving for.
  5. Give yourself from as little as a week to 999 days to achieve your goal
  6. Use the Savings Jar reports to see the progress youíre making towards your goal.
  7. See how much you have left to save as well as how much you need to save each day to reach your goal.


If youíre a parent, why not create a Savings Jar goal with your children and get them into the saving habit? If youíre saving up for something yourself, use Savings Jar to keep track of how youíre doing.


Try and pick something to go without each day, and put the amount you save towards your Savings Jar goal.


Savings Jar works with any decimal based currency system - if you want to think of your values saved in terms of dollars, pounds, euros etc., thatís fine. Savings Jar wonít mind. (The iPad version uses your current regional settings to determine the currency symbol to display, while the Mac version does not display a currency symbol.)