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Shelf Life Features

  1. Capture Title, Author, Genre, Series Number, Series Name, and Release Date information about your books.
  2. Add books to one of three lists: Wanted, Reading List, Finished.
  3. Flag books that you're currently reading.
  4. Deleted books can be either restored to a list or fully deleted.
  5. Standard reports including a summary of your books and top 10 authors and genres that your books revolve around, as well as each list.
  6. Search your lists for books based on a variety of criteria (Title, Author, Genre, Category).
  7. Produce custom reports based on your search criteria.


Shelf Life for iPad can import from Shelf Life for Mac, but the two programs do NOT provide syncing functionality.


Shelf Life is NOT a cataloguing application, it holds a deliberately small set of information about your books.

It is designed more for people who read books, and want to keep track perhaps of a series, especially where the series isn't complete, and so the title may not yet be available in online wishlists.