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Subplot Frequently Asked Questions


How do I backup my Subplot data?

Your Subplot data file is stored in a folder nestled within your Mac's Library folder. For Subplot version 1.1 or later, the location is different to earlier versions (due to changes required to adhere to Apple's sandboxing requirements). A guide to locating the data file is available.


The Subplot datafile is called SubplotDB.rsd. You can copy that file just as you would any other in order to keep it safe. Note that if you wish to use Subplot on more than one computer, this is the only file you need to copy; please ensure you copy it to the Subplot folder in Application Support on the second computer.


Note that Subplot will only try to access the datafile in the Subplot Application Support folder. If you delete the datafile from the Subplot Application Support folder, then when you next run Subplot it will copy over a new, blank, template datafile first to allow it to function - but of course none of your old data will be there.


If you plan on deleting or reinstalling Subplot, we always recommend backing up your data beforehand - just as you would with any important file that you want to keep safe. Once you have reinstalled Subplot, copy your SubplotDB.rsd file back to the Subplot Application Support folder and the application will function as normal.


We also recommend backing up your Subplot.rsd datafile before you upgrade.


If you upgrade Subplot to version 1.1, the Mac OS will take care of moving the SubplotDB.rsd file to the new Application Support folder for you.