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Shelf Life is the easy-to-use program for anyone that wants to manage information about books that they’re interested in. Shelf Life allows you to keep books in three different categories. The Wanted list holds details of books that you don’t yet have access to (e.g. if the book hasn't been released yet), while the Reading List holds details of the books you’ve got queued up to read, you either own them, or have them on loan from the library, it doesn’t matter. Finally, the Finished list books are those books that you’ve finished reading.


Use Shelf Life to keep track of forthcoming books and series titles by your favourite authors, or just to produce a list of books to hunt down on your next trip to the public library.


Shelf Life is available to purchase from the Mac App Store℠.

Shelf Life is also available for iPad, and can be purchased from the App Store℠.